• Cornell Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets

    Looking for a convenient reference to vegetable diseases?  Cornell has created an online resource that you will probably find very useful. Fact sheets and informative articles are organized by plant, making this resource very easy to use.  Just click on the vegetable you are interested in to start learning about diseases: Identification. Control methods. Insect… Continue Reading…

    Cornell Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets
  • Fall River State Park

    Like nearby Cross Timbers State Park, Fall River State Park is located on former Osage Indian land.  However, Fall River Lake is much older than Toronto Lake at Cross Timbers.  In fact, it is one of the oldest reservoirs in Kansas. When the Flood Control Act of 1941 was passed, dam construction was made possible… Continue Reading…

    Fall River State Park
  • Top 10 Bluegrass Songs You Should Know

    So you’ve got your new instrument and you want to know where to start.  That is a hard question to answer, because there is such a wealth of excellent bluegrass music waiting to be played. However, some good old songs have formed the core repertoire of countless artists since bluegrass began.  You can’t go wrong… Continue Reading…

    Top 10 Bluegrass Songs You Should Know
  • Beef Cattle Frame Scoring

    Take a quick look through our cattle breed guide and you’ll soon realize that cattle come in all shapes and sizes. It’s pretty obvious that if you live on a small acreage, you’ll probably want a smaller breed, perhaps even a miniature breed.  But what if you have a slightly bigger farm—40, 80, or maybe… Continue Reading…

    Beef Cattle Frame Scoring


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