• Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Vegetables

    The gardening season is picking up.  Some of you are probably starting to bring in the fruits of your efforts—literally. Ready to try out some new and creative ways to use your fresh vegetables this year?  Here’s a Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin that contains some ideas that you might like experiment with: Fast and Easy… Continue Reading…

    Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Vegetables
  • Cross Timbers State Park

    Cross Timbers State Park was once the home of the Osage tribe.  Settlement was slow in this region because the homesteaders realized that it was unsuitable for farming, thanks to thin, dry soils. Toronto Lake, the reservoir showcased by this park, was authorized under the Flood Control Act of 1941, as were many other Kansas… Continue Reading…

    Cross Timbers State Park
  • 3 Tips for Playing Rhythm

    Most bluegrass musicians aren’t going to be playing lead 100% of the time.  Sometimes you will be expected to back up a singer, while other times you will be playing rhythm while another instrumentalist takes a turn. Playing rhythm really can be enjoyable, whether you are on the guitar, the mandolin, or the banjo.  Fortunately,… Continue Reading…

    3 Tips for Playing Rhythm
  • The Two Subspecies of Cattle

    Did you know that cattle breeds are commonly categorized into two different subspecies?  While the two subspecies can breed and produce fertile offspring, they do come from different parts of the world and have very distinctive characteristics. The species names are: Bos taurus taurus. Bos taurus indicus.   Bos taurus taurus Simply put, Bos taurus… Continue Reading…

    The Two Subspecies of Cattle


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