• 10 Resources for Beginning Gardeners

    Spring is in the air at last!  Are you ready to start gardening? If you have never planted a garden before, you may still be doing your research, hunting for resources that will get you off to a good start.  We’ve pulled together a short list of posts, links, and books to help you out… Continue Reading…

    10 Resources for Beginning Gardeners
  • Squash (Summer)

    Fortunately for gardeners, summer squash is almost as versatile as it is prolific.  Slices can be cooked in soup or sautéed and added to pasta.  Raw squashes can be peeled and cut into sticks to serve with dip.  Both zucchini and yellow squash can be shredded for cooking and baking purposes, as well.   Preferred… Continue Reading…

    Squash (Summer)
  • Introducing New Chickens to Your Flock

    Spring is here at last! For some of us, one of the best parts of spring is the anticipation of chicks.  Soft chirps, downy fuzz, tiny wings, bright eyes…. But those little chicks grow so fast.  Before you know it, it will be time to take them out of the brooder and send them outside.… Continue Reading…

    Introducing New Chickens to Your Flock
  • The Power of Humus

    As we peruse our gardening books every spring, we frequently contemplate ways to improve our soil.  One of the words that we often stumble across in the soil context is humus. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we typically associate humus with good, rich garden soil.  However, there is more to it than that.… Continue Reading…

    The Power of Humus


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