• Conformation

    Conformation is a frequently misunderstood topic.  All too often, when people (even livestock breeders) think of conformation, they think of the cosmetic aspect, the eye appeal, of an animal. The American Quarter Horse Association offers a free PDF download on this topic from a different perspective: Conformation: The Relationship of Form to Function by Marvin… Continue Reading…

  • Carrot

    Carrots are a garden favorite.  One of the tastiest ways to enjoy them is to peel them, cut them up into sticks, and serve them raw with dip.  They also add a nice touch to stir-fries and soups. Looking for something a little different?  Try boiling or steaming some carrots and serving them as a… Continue Reading…

  • How the Carbon Cycle Works

    The law of conservation of mass teaches us that matter cannot be destroyed.  It can only change forms. This principle has many practical applications.  Some of them have to do with agriculture.  For example, the carbon cycle.   How It Works Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. The carbon dioxide is converted… Continue Reading…

    How the Carbon Cycle Works
  • Big Predators Return to Kansas: Gray Wolves

    The gray wolf was once a resident of much of the United States, adapted to a wide range of habitats.  It was common in Kansas, except perhaps in the very southeastern corner of the state.  Explorers once recorded its presence in both prairie and forested habitats. This much-feared animal was frequently shot on sight by… Continue Reading…

    Big Predators Return to Kansas: Gray Wolves


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