• Four Centuries in Kansas

    If you are looking for a book that will introduce Kansas history to younger readers, consider this one: Four Centuries in Kansas by Bliss Isely and W. M. Richards. Although Four Centuries in Kansas was originally a textbook, it was written in an animated style that makes it an interesting read.  The narrative covers state… Continue Reading…

    Four Centuries in Kansas
  • Choline

    Choline was not considered a vitamin until more recently because it is not typically essential in the diet (most animals can synthesize it for themselves).  In recent years, however, choline deficiencies have appeared in swine, thus leading researchers to conclude that this nutrient is a little more critical than they thought. The main role of… Continue Reading…

  • The 100th Meridian in History

    To the early emigrants moving westward across America, seeking to fulfill their Manifest Destiny, the Pacific Coast was the goal.  Between the frontier towns of America and the two promised lands of Oregon and California lay a number of obstacles.  The Rocky Mountains were one of the most obvious difficulties to be overcome.  But even… Continue Reading…

    The 100th Meridian in History
  • 9 Unique Agritourism Ideas

    Agritourism is one of the most popular trends in small farms today.  Some producers love to share their crops and pastures with guests, often taking the opportunity to educate people about farming and ranching, both conventional and alternative. Is this an enterprise that you have considered adding to your farm?  If so, you might be… Continue Reading…

    9 Unique Agritourism Ideas


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