• See the Stars

    Looking for a good gift for a fledgling astronomer?  See the Stars: Your First Guide to the Night Sky by Ken Croswell may be just what you are searching for. This brief but interesting book focuses on one constellation each month: Orion. Big Dipper. Leo. Boötes. Lyra. Cygnus. Scorpius. Sagittarius. Cassiopeia. Perseus. Auriga. Taurus. Observers… Continue Reading…

    See the Stars
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

    Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is an important nutrient for animal health because of its role in metabolizing nucleic acids (e.g., DNA) and forming proteins from amino acids.  It also helps the body process fats and carbohydrates, and is used by the liver to make glucose. Cobalamin interacts with folic acid in several interesting ways: Vitamin B12… Continue Reading…

    Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)
  • Controlling Pests in Stored Feed

    Feed is expensive today, so there’s absolutely no reason to waste it on insects.  But if you open the bag and discover an army of hungry bugs already hard at work, what can you do? For starters, you can reassure yourself with the knowledge that the bug invasion may not be your fault.  It is… Continue Reading…

    Controlling Pests in Stored Feed
  • Why Do Sheep Owners Dock Lambs’ Tails?

    To some, it comes as a surprise to learn that lambs are born with tails and that the tails are docked (cut off) at a young age.  What is the reason for this? For the most part, tail docking is a sanitary measure.  Wool tends to collect foreign matter rather easily, and the tail is… Continue Reading…

    Why Do Sheep Owners Dock Lambs’ Tails?


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