• Gleanings From Western Prairies

    Willie Woodhouse is a well-traveled Englishman who has journeyed all the way to Kansas to taste the frontier life of a ranching friend near the Osage Catholic Mission in the southeastern corner of the new state.  Although resolved to give the experience an honest try, he is still somewhat taken aback at the unaccustomed roughness… Continue Reading…

    Gleanings From Western Prairies
  • Onion

    Onions are absolutely indispensable to cooking.  They add character to everything from pasta to pizza, and they can contribute a nice flavor to cooked vegetables such as green beans, too.  Red onions taste great on salads.  For the ultimate onion-eating experience, however, chop or slice an onion and use it to top a hamburger.  Add… Continue Reading…

  • Once in a Blue Moon

    “Once in a blue moon” is one of those phrases that just roll off of our tongues without much prior analysis from our brains.  Somewhere in the back of our consciousness is the knowledge that the phrase means “every once in a great while.”  But where did this saying come from? It just so happens… Continue Reading…

    Once in a Blue Moon
  • EPDs for Beef Cattle: Crunching the Numbers

    Now that we have a glossary to work with, we’re ready to find out how to use EPDs. In this post, we’ll try to answer two questions: What does the “+10″ in “WW +10″ mean? How was the number “+10″ calculated in the first place?   Using EPDs EPDs are most useful when comparing two… Continue Reading…

    EPDs for Beef Cattle: Crunching the Numbers


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