• Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

    If you want to identify a plant in Kansas, here is the first website you should consult: Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses. The site is maintained by Michael John Haddock, author of Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas.  Those of you who have enjoyed the field guide will love the website, which contains all of the information… Continue Reading…

    Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
  • Brant

    The Brant (Branta bernicula) is a small goose, only slightly larger than the Ross’s Goose.  Birdwatchers are not likely to confuse the two, however, because one of the most notable characteristics of the Brant is its overall dark color.  Its head, neck, and breast are black, while its back is dark brown.  The underparts are… Continue Reading…

  • 4 Uses for Fresh Cucumbers…and a Bonus

    Yes, we all know that cucumbers were made for pickling.  But not all of us want to go to that much time and trouble.  We’d rather enjoy a nice, fresh cucumber straight from the garden. Please note that not all cucumbers are suitable for eating fresh.  Some varieties are bred specifically for pickling, and they… Continue Reading…

    4 Uses for Fresh Cucumbers…and a Bonus
  • Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

    We all know that healthy plants are resistant to bugs.  Unfortunately, we all too often forget to ask ourselves why this is true. In nature, weak organisms are typically attacked first.  In the animal kingdom, predators see and smell the weakness of their prey.  Gardeners have long suspected that diseased or dying plants put out… Continue Reading…

    Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?


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