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Homestead on the Range is a multifaceted business dedicated to helping Kansans and others around flyover country achieve an abundant country lifestyle. Whether your family’s farm, ranch, or homestead is 5 acres or 500, a business or a hobby, our goal is to provide you with the in-depth information you need to reach your farming and lifestyle goals.

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Improving Your Garden Soil

Improving Your Garden Soil

Healthy, nutrient-rich food starts with vibrant soil. You can build that vibrant soil in your backyard in 10 steps. Learn more »

Draft Animals

Draft Animals

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to choose and purchase a draft team, and then learn to work them in the field, woodlot, or market garden. Learn more »

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Sodium in Plants

Sodium in Plants

The role of sodium in plant health is unclear at present. Most experts say plants do not need it and therefore cannot suffer deficiency.

The Poet's Toolbox: Meter

The Poet’s Toolbox: Meter

The meter is the beat of the poem. A pattern of emphasized and unemphasized syllables is one of the ways in which poetry differs from prose.

Prince's plume

Selenium in Plants

Scientists do not consider selenium to be an essential plant nutrient. However, it is beneficial because it helps plants resist stressors.