How to Direct Market Your Beef

For those of you who want to sell beef, How to Direct Market Your Beef by Jan Holder is a must-read!

In a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, Holder explains the different aspects of direct marketing entrepreneurs will encounter, such as niches, pricing, distribution, advertising, public relations, and record keeping.  You’ll also find out how to have your beef properly cut, packaged, and labeled.

While this book applies to anyone direct marketing beef, Holder mainly focuses on rural producers taking on the challenge of selling to stores and restaurants.  Profiles of seven beef marketers (including her own family) are included for inspiration and ideas.

Much of Holder’s advice applies not only to meat, but to just about anything a Kansas country family might want to sell.  However, How to Direct Market Your Beef also explains those crucial details producers need to know to succeed in the grassfed industry.

Available for free download as a PDF.