Sheep Production in Kansas

If you are looking for a basic guide to purchasing and caring for a flock of sheep, try Sheep Production in Kansas. This 76-page bulletin was originally published by the Kansas State Agricultural College in 1927.

The bulletin covers a variety of topics, including sheep selection, pasturing, feeding, and housing. Want to know:

  • Which breed is right for you?
  • What to look for in breeding stock?
  • How to care for newborn lambs?
  • How to prevent internal parasites in your flock?
  • Which forages to plant in your pastures?

Sheep Production in Kansas has the answers, all tailored specifically for use in the Sunflower State.

As an added bonus, those with a historical interest will enjoy the first chapter, with its insight on the range sheep industry, particularly in Kansas. Rough building plans for various types of feeders are including in the fifth chapter.

Old, but by no means outdated, this bulletin is available for free download as a PDF.