Natural Goat Care

Goat owners, if you can only buy one book on goat health, consider this book by Pat Coleby.  It is guaranteed to quickly become a favorite, one you will refer to often whether you raise goats for milk, meat, or fiber.

Coleby’s approach in Natural Goat Care to goat care is unique, based on the principle that if an animal receives the proper nutrients, it will not be prone to disease, or will be able to cure itself if it does get a disease.  This theory works hand in hand with the goat’s immune system to produce amazing results.  Pasture remineralization, vitamin cures, and a preventative stock lick are key parts of Coleby’s care program, based on years of experience with goats and other animals.

General information on such things as breeds, feeding, and buying goats is included.  However, the majority of the book is devoted to vitamins, minerals, and other natural remedies to health problems.  The chapter on diseases is particularly fascinating.  Coleby has included countless examples of vitamins saving the lives of goats otherwise incurable, providing an effective alternative to synthetic drugs.

So if you are currently dealing with health problems in your goats, or if you are just getting started and want to prevent future problems, you may want to peruse a copy of Natural Goat Care.  It’s an eye-opener!