Natural Cattle Care

Pat Coleby’s guiding principle seems to be that if you provide the animal with the right vitamins and minerals, it will heal itself.  She seeks to work with the animal’s natural immune system, rather than to suppress it with antibiotics and other drugs. Natural Cattle Care, covering both beef and dairy cattle, demonstrates the applicationContinue reading “Natural Cattle Care”

10 Time-Saving Tips for the Farm

If you were farming this past spring, you probably got caught up in the usual scenario—rushing around trying to check things off of the never-ending to-do list, desperately pulling weeds as they grew, moving chickens and goats from pasture to pasture as quickly as possible, etc., etc. Well, the slow season has started. Why notContinue reading “10 Time-Saving Tips for the Farm”

All New Square Foot Gardening

So you crave the taste of fresh, homegrown vegetables, but the idea of a huge row garden seems a little daunting, and canning just isn’t your thing, either. How do you enjoy gardening on a small, easy-to-manage scale? All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew may have the solutions you’ve been looking for. SpecificallyContinue reading “All New Square Foot Gardening”

Texas Fever

It was the mid-19th century. The cattle drive era was in full swing, and longhorns from Texas were entering Kansas in droves on their way up to the railheads. New towns were booming and fresh beef was being supplied to industrialized, post–Civil War consumers. But something was seriously wrong. The problem was not with theContinue reading “Texas Fever”

You Can Farm

Unlike some of the other Joel Salatin books we recommend, You Can Farm is not a practical how-to guide, but a philosophical challenge geared toward beginners.  It’s a great way to start contesting paradigms and brainstorming outside of the box as you are guided through the process of creating a vision and making it happen.Continue reading “You Can Farm”