You Can Farm

You Can Farm

You Can FarmUnlike some of the other Joel Salatin books we recommend, You Can Farm is not a practical how-to guide, but a philosophical challenge geared toward beginners.  It’s a great way to start contesting paradigms and brainstorming outside of the box as you are guided through the process of creating a vision and making it happen.

Salatin addresses some of the common misconceptions about small-scale farming:

  • Instead of listing all the things that you need to start a farming enterprise, he emphasizes all the things you don’t need and shows you how to come up with creative solutions to your unique challenges.
  • Instead of focusing on pesticides, drugs, and other chemicals, he discusses the different aspects of natural production, such as biodiversity and seasonality.
  • Instead of lending credence to the notion that “there ain’t no money in farming,” he proposes direct marketing as the path to profitability.

Again, this is not a how-to book.  It was written to inspire small farmers to new levels of creativity and innovation.  You may not agree with all of Salatin’s philosophies, but they will certainly get you thinking.

Salatin’s infectious enthusiasm will also encourage you if you are still on the fence about country living.  This is a great resource—don’t miss it!


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