All New Square Foot Gardening

All New Square Foot Gardening

All New Square Foot GardeningSo you crave the taste of fresh, homegrown vegetables, but the idea of a huge row garden seems a little daunting, and canning just isn’t your thing, either. How do you enjoy gardening on a small, easy-to-manage scale?

All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew may have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Specifically designed for small-scale gardeners, Bartholomew’s method involves building a square box just the right size to reach into, filling it with the perfect soil mix (Mel’s Mix), marking off the planting area into square feet with a grid, and planting only what you really want to grow. The result?  Gardening made fun and easy!

Step-by-step instructions and photographs show you how to make everything you will need, and Bartholomew walks you through the whole gardening process in a friendly, upbeat manner.

Do you struggle with:

  • Figuring out how much produce you should plant?
  • Scheduling enough plantings for a continuous harvest?
  • Making the most of every inch of garden space?

You will find plenty of help in All New Square Foot Gardening.

Another attractive feature of Bartholomew’s method is its adaptability to the needs of any gardener. You can build smaller boxes for children to tend, or even put the box on a sort of stand for seniors who have a hard time bending over. You can grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and even some small fruits using this method.

If you can find a copy, you might also be interested in reading Bartholomew’s first book, Square Foot Gardening. The main difference between the two books is that the original method relied on improving the soil you already have, while the new method uses boxes filled with Mel’s Mix to instantly achieve the ideal soil texture and fertility. Compare the two and see which method fits your gardening needs.

Although those of you who garden on a large scale will still probably find rows easier to work with, beginners and small-scale gardeners are bound to enjoy All New Square Foot Gardening, an innovative solution to some of the difficulties of conventional gardening. Plus, the new Square Foot Gardens look extremely attractive and can be kept right in the backyard!


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All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook
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