Natural Cattle Care

Pat Coleby’s guiding principle seems to be that if you provide the animal with the right vitamins and minerals, it will heal itself.  She seeks to work with the animal’s natural immune system, rather than to suppress it with antibiotics and other drugs.

Natural Cattle Care, covering both beef and dairy cattle, demonstrates the application of this philosophy.  Although the book touches on the usual topics of breeds, handling, and the like, the focus is on nutrition as a means to prevent and cure a wide range of diseases.

The three most prominent features of Coleby’s method are remineralization of pastures, a preventative stock lick, and vitamin- and mineral-based remedies for a host of ailments.  Accordingly, most of the book covers nutrients and diseases, and each of Coleby’s unique solutions is supported by a wealth of experience.  You may be surprised at the importance of the often-neglected trace minerals, and at the power of vitamin C.

While Natural Cattle Care is not a how-to guide about milking cows or weaning calves, it is still an essential reference for any cattle owner.  Coleby’s experience will serve you well, whether you struggle with mastitis and pinkeye in your herd, or just want to prevent ticks and worms from infesting your livestock.