Carneiro: The Sheep Town

One of the little dead towns of Kansas, just 12 miles east of Ellsworth, bears the name Carneiro (pronounced, “kahr-NAIR-oh”).  Interestingly, the name is Portuguese, not a very common language for place-names in this state, and it means, “sheep” or “mutton.” Now if there is one type of livestock Kansas is typically associated with, itContinue reading “Carneiro: The Sheep Town”

Insects in Kansas

If you spend time outdoors, you come into contact with quite a few insects and other creepy-crawlies: Bees. Ants. Flies. Spiders. Termites. Cockroaches. Earwigs. Crickets. Spiders. On a more pleasant note, there are also butterflies and helpful garden friends such as praying mantises. If bugs fascinate you or someone in your family, you may appreciateContinue reading “Insects in Kansas”