Getting Your First Horse

You or your children have always wanted a horse or pony, and now that you have a home in the country the time is right to buy one. But before you purchase your first horse, some preliminary research is in order.

Getting Your First Horse by Judith Dutson is a great place to start.

This guide walks beginners through the process of buying and caring for a pleasure horse. After giving you the information you need to make a wise purchase, Getting Your First Horse helps you choose the appropriate supplies and housing facilities for your horse. Subsequent chapters cover the basics of feeding, health, and safety around horses. A chapter on breeds is also included and is illustrated with beautiful color plates.

Getting Your First Horse does an excellent job of warning beginners of potential pitfalls and helping them weigh the pros and cons of each decision they will have to make. While this book will not teach you how to ride, it will help ensure that you and your new horse share many enjoyable years together. Great starting point for those with no prior experience with horses!