USDA Releases Preliminary 2012 Census Results

On Thursday, February 20, the USDA released the preliminary results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture.  The census shows that while the number of farms in America continues to gradually decline, the value of farm products sold in the United States has increased by 33% from 2007. Here are a few of the highlights ofContinue reading “USDA Releases Preliminary 2012 Census Results”

Peterson Field Guides to Birds

Peterson field guides have been around for many years and are still favorites with nature lovers of all kinds. The bird guides have an especially good reputation, and justly so. What makes the Peterson bird guides so useful? Color plates that point out key differences between similar birds. Plates devoted to special identification challenges, suchContinue reading “Peterson Field Guides to Birds”

Silkville: A Utopian Experiment

More than one utopian dreamer has chosen Kansas as the place to found his grand experiment. A list of state ghost towns would be full of communities founded on some form of idealism—Victoria, the Vegetarian Colony, Silkville…. Silkville? Yes. One of those little towns started out with silk farming as its principal industry. This experimentContinue reading “Silkville: A Utopian Experiment”

Starting a Garden or Orchard: Location

So just where will you put your garden or orchard? If you live on a small acreage, your choices may be limited in this regard. However, you probably still have some options, so do the best you can with what you’ve got. Here are some things to consider. Sunlight Probably the most important criterion forContinue reading “Starting a Garden or Orchard: Location”