Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas

The Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas by William H. Busby and John L. Zimmerman is the result of countless hours of surveys in the field and investigation into other nesting records from across the state. Two pages provide a synopsis of each bird’s breeding activity in Kansas:

  • A brief overview of the species.
  • A map showing possible, probable, and confirmed breeding records across the state.
  • A table giving the total number of sampling units (priority blocks) in which the species was recorded.
  • A table and a map indicating the abundance of breeding birds by physiographic region.
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas

The introduction explains the sampling procedure and also provides an overview of the landscape and climate of Kansas and its effect on wild birds.

This is not a field guide, but a source of valuable information for anyone researching the breeding birds of Kansas. Therefore, it is somewhat technical, but will be well worth your effort if you have a technical interest in the topic.

Highly recommended for the serious bird enthusiast!