10 Ways to Use Extra Eggs

As the daylight hours increase, so does egg production. Every day, your hens are working harder and faster to lay more eggs. There is just one problem:

What are you going to do with all those eggs?

If you keep chickens, it’s a problem you’re going to have to solve sooner or later. Allow us to make 10 suggestions for solving this common issue:

  1. Freeze some for winter. When you’re running out of eggs come December, you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Give them away. Maybe your relatives would love some farm-fresh eggs.
  3. Make meringue. If you like meringue, that is.
  4. Scramble them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cook them with potato and onion and you’ve got a great burrito filling that will work for any meal.
  5. Hard-boil some for snacks. Slice and serve on crackers with mustard.
  6. Hatch more chickens. That way you’ll have even more eggs next year.
  7. Make Easter eggs. Why not?
  8. Stretch the dog food. Scramble and serve.
  9. Compost them. Remember to break them first. Whole eggs will rot and smell very unpleasant if you accidentally crack one while turning the compost pile.
  10. Eat more eggs. When all else fails….