Easy Radish Salad

If you have a greenhouse or cold frame, you may already be pulling the first radishes of the year. That crisp, fresh texture and mildly spicy taste is a real treat after the long winter.

Once you’ve had your fill of radishes served plain or with a dab of vegetable dip, try something different. This radish salad is really simple. The most time-consuming part is slicing the radishes.

Another advantage to this recipe is its flexibility. You can make it with as many or as few radishes as you have on hand. You can also use different flavors and quantities of dressing and cheese to achieve a perfectly customized salad.

Looking for a suggestion? Try sharp cheddar cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing.


  • Radishes
  • Your favorite salad dressing
  • Shredded cheese


  1. Wash the radishes and cut off the tops and bottoms.
  2. Slice and place the slices in a bowl.
  3. Add salad dressing and shredded cheese to taste.
  4. Mix thoroughly. You’re done!