Many birdwatchers enjoy keeping journals of their finds. Skimming through past entries can bring back memories of great moments with nature.

All-Weather Birder's Journal

Although you can easily make your own birdwatching journal, the All-Weather Birder’s Journal made by Rite in the Rain has several advantages:

  • Waterproof cover.
  • Durable paper.
  • Convenient spiral binding.
  • Easy-to-manage size.
  • Places for both sketches and written notes.

These features combine to make a handy journal that can follow you anywhere.

All-Weather Birder's Journal

Furthermore, the All-Weather Birder’s Journal can be a great identification aid. When you spot a bird, make a quick sketch in the space provided. In the notes space, jot down anything unusual you notice about the bird’s appearance and behavior. Now you have a record of precisely what you saw so that when you get back inside you should be able to check your reference books and identify the bird quickly.

Each entry also has space for recording the bird’s common and Latin names, as well as the date, time, and place you saw it. You can even note the current weather conditions!

Very useful. Highly recommended for birdwatchers who spend a lot of time in the field.