The Home Acre

So what if you only have an acre or so to work with, but are eager to grow a little bit of your own food? A garden and maybe even a small orchard are two options you may want to consider.

And if you need some advice on growing fruits and vegetables in the small space you are limited to, consider reading The Home Acre by Edward Payson Roe.

The purpose of the book is best expressed by the author himself:

It is my aim to enable the business man returning from his city office, or the farmer engrossed with the care of many acres, to learn in a few moments, from time to time, just what he must do to supply his family abundantly with fruits and vegetables.

After an introductory chapter on preparing and beautifying the land, Roe gets right down to business. He discusses each type of fruit and vegetable a family might want to try to grow, explaining the special care each one needs and even suggesting varieties ideal for different parts of the country.

Very practical and very helpful. If you are new to raising plants, or even if you are an experienced gardener wanting to brush up on growing methods for a specific plant, consider starting your research here.

Best of all, The Home Acre is available free online!