Body Condition Scoring: Beef Cattle

A body condition score (BCS) is a subjective evaluation of an animal’s weight relative to its size. It helps livestock owners determine whether an animal is too fat, too thin, or just about right by noting the location and thickness of fat deposits. Over the next few weeks, we will summarize the scoring systems generallyContinue reading “Body Condition Scoring: Beef Cattle”

4 Uses for Fresh Cucumbers…and a Bonus

Yes, we all know that cucumbers were made for pickling.  But not all of us want to go to that much time and trouble.  We’d rather enjoy a nice, fresh cucumber straight from the garden. Please note that not all cucumbers are suitable for eating fresh.  Some varieties are bred specifically for pickling, and theyContinue reading “4 Uses for Fresh Cucumbers…and a Bonus”

Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

We all know that healthy plants are resistant to bugs. Unfortunately, we all too often forget to ask ourselves why this is true. In nature, weak organisms are typically attacked first. In the animal kingdom, predators see and smell the weakness of their prey. Gardeners have long suspected that diseased or dying plants put outContinue reading “Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?”