5 Free Farm-Related Unit Studies

If your children are interested in farm-related topics, you may be looking for ways to feed those hungry minds.

DIYHomeschooler.com offers free—but high-quality—units on a wide range of subjects. Each unit is packed with information, activities, notebooking pages, and books to read.

Below we have picked out five units and activities of particular interest to homesteading families:

  1. Explore the Farm
    Tour a dairy parlor, view the farms of the past, read about farming in the Bible, spend the day with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy, and discover the journey from field to plate.
  2. Gardening
    Plan a garden, build a raised bed, start some seedlings, keep a journal, and find out what makes a plant grow.
  3. Fruits & Veggies
    Taste new veggies, eat the alphabet, start a pizza garden, make a butterfly salad, discover the science of nutrition, and enjoy a balanced diet.
  4. Popcorn
    Meet Orville Redenbacher, find out what makes popcorn pop, discover new uses for the kernels, and pop some corn without a microwave.
  5. The Horse
    Discover the breeds, learn the vocabulary, draw a horse, meet a variety of real and fictional horses, and find out how to care for a horse of your very own.
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