Kansas Wildflowers & Grasses

If you want to identify a plant in Kansas, here is the first website you should consult: Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses.

The site is maintained by Michael John Haddock, author of Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas (read our full review). Those of you who have enjoyed the field guide will love the website. It contains all of the information in the book with some useful additions:

  • A section on trees and shrubs.
  • Additional photos from across the state.
  • Hundreds of grass and wildflower species not found in the book.

At the time he published Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas, Haddock listed over 380 plant species on his website, 323 of which were included in the field guide. At the present time, Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses is a repository of information on over 800 plants. This information is illustrated by over 6,000 photographs.

As you can imagine, Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses is an incredible reference on the diverse plant life of our state. And it’s easy to navigate, too. You can look up specific plants by common or scientific name. You can also identify them by comparing photographs after selecting the correct flower color or flowering time.

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses is an essential resource for those who want to learn more about the flora of the Sunflower State.

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