5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Homegrown Tomatoes

There is no tomato like a homegrown tomato!

You avid gardeners probably already have a list of favorite uses for tomatoes, but in case you have overlooked a possibility or two, we’ll offer this short list of some of our favorites. Don’t miss out on a single one of these possibilities:

  1. Slices. Just sprinkle pepper on them and eat them all by themselves. Simple but tasty.
  2. On a sandwich. There is no better way to garnish a hamburger!
  3. In pasta. Dice, toss, and enjoy. Canned tomatoes will taste pretty bland in comparison.
  4. Egg salad boats. Core the tomato from the stem end, then cut almost to the base in eight wedges. This takes a little finesse. You don’t want the tomato to come apart, but to spread into a flower shape. Top with your favorite egg salad recipe.
  5. BLTs. Unquestionably the best use for tomatoes ever invented. Toast some bread, spread it with mayo, and pile on the bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Wow!

Of course, the list could go on and on and on. There are whole cookbooks out there devoted to nothing but tomatoes. These ideas, however, are among the simplest. Sometimes simple is the way to go.