The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Children love drawing horses! Here’s a book that can guide them through the process in a fun way.

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses by Barry Stebbing starts with the basics:

  • Shading.
  • Mixing colors.
  • Using shapes to make drawing easier.

Then on to a number of discussions on drawing different breeds, markings, gaits, and poses. Interesting activities liven up the lessons.

The intermediate section of the book helps artists to develop their skills in a number of ways:

  • Understanding horse anatomy.
  • Copying from pictures.
  • Drawing from life.
  • Exploring more advanced shading techniques.
  • Keeping an art journal.

Then follows an excellent exploration of a number of master artists who drew horses:

  • Eugene Delacroix.
  • George Stubbs.
  • Charles Russell.
  • Frederick Remington.
  • Leonardo da Vinci.

Stebbing wraps up with a few fun activities.

This book provides young artists with an excellent way to practice basic art techniques on a favorite subject, but it also presents more advanced skills in a friendly manner. Furthermore, The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses goes beyond art and provides information on horse breeds, care, and anatomy.

So if you need a book for a young horse enthusiast who also happens to be a fledgling artist…this is the one!

By hsotr

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