Birds in Kansas

One favorite book on Kansas birds is the two-volume work titled Birds in Kansas by Max C. Thompson and Charles Ely.  Although these books are no longer entirely up to date (new species are sighted occasionally, and even the old species turn up in new places), Birds in Kansas still has a place on a serious birdwatcher’s bookshelf because of the valuable information it contains.

The information provided on each bird varies somewhat, but the entries for most of the species contain the following:

  • Map.
  • Status.
  • Period of occurrence.
  • Breeding habits.
  • Habits and habitat.
  • Field marks.
  • Food.
Birds in Kansas: Volume II

The first volume is devoted to nonpasserines, while the second is about passerines (perching birds).

Birds in Kansas is not a field guide, but rather a valuable reference work about the past and present habits of birds within our state.  If you have questions about when and where you can expect to see a particular species, this book can be a big help.  Great addition to the Kansas birdwatcher’s library.