The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible

The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible
The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible

Since fall migration is picking up, some of you may be looking for ways to attract new birds to your yard. Here’s a friendly book that will give you some ideas.

The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible: The A-to-Z Guide to Feeders, Seed Mixes, Projects, and Treats by Sally Roth is arranged alphabetically, starting with accessories and ending with zinnias. Entries are grouped into eight categories:

  • Plants for Food: How to grow flowers and trees that birds love.
  • Bird Foods: Tasty treats using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
  • Birds: All about common species of backyard birds.
  • Bird Behavior: Why birds do the things that they do.
  • Bird Watching: How to sharpen your skills.
  • Animal Visitors: Attracting and deterring the mammals that show up at the feeder.
  • Feeders and More: Everything you need to know to buy, build, or maintain a feeder.
  • Seasonal Subjects: Responding to the changing needs of backyard birds.

The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible is absolutely packed with handy information, but it is by no means a dry or heavy book. This guide is extremely inviting and easy to use. Projects and recipes add a fun dimension and may spark your own creativity.

If you love birds, The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible will probably become one of your favorite resources. It makes a great gift, too. Excellent starting point for the beginner, but also a good reminder to the seasoned birder of why he started watching birds in the first place. Highly recommended!