Stocking Up

It’s still not too late to think about putting away some of your produce for the winter! And if you need a little help figuring out just what to do with it, allow us to recommend a classic from the Rodale folks: Stocking Up.

The original edition has seen us through many a kitchen adventure. A partial list of its numerous helpful topics includes the following:

  • Choosing produce varieties.
  • Freezing vegetables.
  • Drying fruit.
  • Storing the harvest underground.
  • Making pickles and relishes.
  • Making jelly.
  • Juicing vegetables.
  • Making cheese and butter.
  • Freezing eggs.
  • Making sausage.
  • Roasting nuts.
  • Harvesting grains by hand.

Included are recipes and step-by-step directions. Tables make it easy to quickly locate the special techniques for harvesting and preserving different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Stocking Up is an old favorite that is currently in its third edition. The book has been extensively revised over the years. A few major changes include:

  • An expanded section on drying produce.
  • An expanded section on making cheese.
  • Directions for making fermented milk products such as kefir.
  • Tips for making homemade ice cream.
  • A chapter on storing fish and other seafood.
  • Ideas for storing and using sprouts.

In other words, the third edition has been modified to reflect more recent trends in cooking, not to mention gardening.

Whichever type of eating you prefer, old-fashioned or trendy, Stocking Up is an invaluable resource for country families who want to put away a little of their surplus food for later. Highly recommended!