2014 Election Results

2014 Elections

While we here at Homestead on the Range make no claim to be political experts, we recognize that politics is an issue that deeply affects Kansas residents, particularly those who run their own businesses.  Accordingly, we plan to report the results of races key to our state.  No analysis, just the facts.

The results of last night’s election are in.  Here are the statistics:

United States Senate

Republican Pat Roberts was reelected with 53.2% of the vote (449,054 votes).  Independent Greg Orman received 42.5% (358,460 votes), and Libertarian Randall Batson received 4.3% (35,926 votes).

Of the three candidates, Roberts received the most votes in all Kansas counties except for Shawnee, Douglas, and Wyandotte.  Orman won all three of these counties.

United States House of Representatives

1st District

Republican Tim Huelskamp was reelected with 67.5% of the vote (131,683 votes).  Democrat Jim Sherow received 32.5% (63,477 votes).

2nd District

Republican Lynn Jenkins was reelected with 57.2% of the vote (126,129 votes).  Democrat Margie Wakefield received 38.5% (84,770 votes), and Libertarian Chris Clemmons received 4.3% (9,485 votes).

3rd District

Republican Kevin Yoder was reelected with 60.2% of the vote (132,501 votes).  Democrat Kelly Kultala received 39.8% (87,781 votes).

4th District

Republican Mike Pompeo was reelected with 66.6% of the vote (134,073 votes).  Democrat Perry Schuckman received 33.4% (67,147 votes).

Kansas Governor

Republican Sam Brownback was reelected with 49.9% of the vote (422,824 votes).  Democrat Paul Davis received 46.1% (390,051 votes), and Libertarian Keen Umbehr received 4.0% (33,660 votes).

Of the three candidates, Brownback received the most votes in all Kansas counties except Riley, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Wyandotte, Lyon, and Crawford.  Davis won all seven of these counties.

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