Scripture Passages of the Month: November 2014

When we began posting Scripture Passages of the Month, we indicated that we might occasionally choose a theme for our passages.  Accordingly, this month’s selections all answer the same question: Why is it important to read the Bible? Here are the answers, straight from the Bible itself: Joshua 1:8 Psalm 119:9–11 Matthew 4:4 2 TimothyContinue reading “Scripture Passages of the Month: November 2014”

4 Ways to Get More Eggs With Less Feed

For some people, keeping laying hens is a profitable business.  For others, it is an expensive hobby.  What makes the difference? Simply put, management. Through skilled management of your laying flock, you can cut down on the feed bill.  Here are four ways to make it happen:   Put them on pasture.  If chickens haveContinue reading “4 Ways to Get More Eggs With Less Feed”