Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas 2014Well, it’s time for us to take a break and enjoy the Christmas season.  It is hard to believe that another year has already gone by, isn’t it?

We’re looking forward to bringing you another year of fun and useful tips, information, and resources.  We’ll post one more quote tomorrow, and then we plan to start up again early in January.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something to read during those cold winter days, or if you are looking for last-minute gift ideas, we’d like to make a few recommendations.


Best of 2014



How to Plan a GardenHow to Plan a Garden


What is Sustainable Agriculture?What is Sustainable Agriculture?


Pros and Cons of Miniature LivestockPros and Cons of Miniature Livestock


The 5-Minute Brainstorming ChallengeThe 5-Minute Brainstorming Challenge


Why Thorns and Thistles GrowWhy Thorns and Thistles Grow


Why are Healthy Plant Bug-Resistant?Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?


How to Identify BirdsHow to Identify Birds


Pros and Cons of Draft AnimalsPros and Cons of Draft Animals


What is Hybrid Vigor?What is Hybrid Vigor?


The 100th Meridian in HistoryThe 100th Meridian in History




Cattle BreedsCattle Breeds


Starting a Garden or OrchardStarting a Garden or Orchard


Body Condition ScoringBody Condition Scoring




The Roots of Cattle DrivingThe Roots of Cattle Driving




Salad Bar BeefSalad Bar Beef


Peopling the PlainsPeopling the Plains


Found: God's WillFound: God’s Will


Kansas Outdoor TreasuresKansas Outdoor Treasures


Better Horses RadioBetter Horses Radio


Kansas Wildflowers and GrassesKansas Wildflowers & Grasses


Reproduction & Animal HealthReproduction & Animal Health


Stocking UpStocking Up


Storey's Guide to Raising ChickensStorey’s Guide to Raising Chickens


The Christian Kids' Gardening GuideThe Christian Kids’ Gardening Guide




The MajorityQuote of the Week: The Majority


God At WorkQuote of the Week: God at Work


ConsiderQuote of the Week: Consider


PlaythingsQuote of the Week: Playthings


Slow and SteadyQuote of the Week: Slow and Steady


Buy LandQuote of the Week: Buy Land


Practice Makes PerfectQuote of the Week: Practice Makes Perfect


InnovationQuote of the Week: Innovation


A Helping HandQuote of the Week: A Helping Hand


PreachingQuote of the Week: Preaching




Recommended RemediesRecommended Remedies


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