Gleanings From Western Prairies

Willie Woodhouse is a well-traveled Englishman who has journeyed all the way to Kansas to taste the frontier life of a ranching friend near the Osage Catholic Mission in the southeastern corner of the new state. Although resolved to give the experience an honest try, he is still somewhat taken aback at the unaccustomed roughnessContinue reading “Gleanings From Western Prairies”

Historical Atlas of Kansas

If you like maps and you love Kansas history, have we found the book for you! The Historical Atlas of Kansas by Homer E. Socolofsky and Huber Self contains over 70 maps presenting different aspects of life in Kansas, past and present. Maps include: Landforms. Precipitation. Native flora. Spanish and French claims. Early Indian tribes. FortsContinue reading “Historical Atlas of Kansas”

The Seal of Kansas

When Kansas was accepted into the Union, the state constitution declared that a seal would be necessary. Governor Charles Robinson brought this requirement to public attention on March 30, 1861. Committees in both the State House and the State Senate were appointed to draw up a design. But for several months, nothing could be decided.Continue reading “The Seal of Kansas”