A Pocket Guide to Common Kansas Mammals—For Free!

Kansas has a wide diversity of interesting mammals.  If you want to identify the species you have seen, or if you just want to learn a bit more about familiar species, here’s the perfect little guide for you: A Pocket Guide to Common Kansas Mammals by George Potts and Bob Gress. This handy booklet containsContinue reading “A Pocket Guide to Common Kansas Mammals—For Free!”


Cucumbers are for making pickles, right? Not necessarily. If you purchase a slicing variety of cucumber, you may find that you actually enjoy your homegrown cukes better fresh. Sandwich toppings are just the beginning. Preferred Conditions Full sun. Hot (but not dry) weather. Very fertile soil. Soil pH around 6.0 to 7.0. Planting Plant cucumbersContinue reading “Cucumber”

How Does Rumination Work?

You undoubtedly know that cattle, sheep, and goats are considered ruminants, that they have multiple stomachs, and that they chew their cuds as part of the digestive process. Well, that’s just the simplified version of what is actually going on.  Rumination is an incredibly sophisticated process.  Here’s a little more information: The animal swallows aContinue reading “How Does Rumination Work?”

An All-Natural Insect Remedy for Field Crops

As the growing season approaches again, you may be looking for ways to increase your success in the field, searching for solutions to those challenges you faced last year. If insects such as grasshoppers are a recurring problem in your fields, you may want to give this remedy a try: chickens. A flock of hungryContinue reading “An All-Natural Insect Remedy for Field Crops”

Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

If you keep animals long enough, you will eventually become acquainted with some basic veterinary first aid. Here’s a book that can make the learning process a little smoother. Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners by C. E. Spaulding, DVM, and Jackie Clay contains information on all common farm animals: Cattle. Goats. Sheep. Horses. Pigs. Poultry.Continue reading “Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners”