Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

This old classic just keeps on going! Fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants—it’s all here, along with a diverse array of natural gardening tips and techniques. The current edition of Rodale’s well-known work is Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, and it still contains a wealth of knowledge.

The Four Kansas Constitutions: Wyandotte

Affairs in Kansas quieted considerably after the final failure of the Lecompton Constitution. The polls showed that the territory was clearly in the hands of the Free State Party and that the proslavery men from Missouri had lost the struggle. The more militant abolitionists had turned their attention to other matters, as well, since nothingContinue reading “The Four Kansas Constitutions: Wyandotte”

Cedar Bluff State Park

When you are standing on the windy limestone outcroppings overlooking Cedar Bluff Reservoir, it is hard to imagine a time when the lake and the state park were not there.  Yet it was once just a river valley inhabited by Indians.  Few people cared to traverse the vast prairie without a good economic reason, andContinue reading “Cedar Bluff State Park”

The Four Kansas Constitutions: Leavenworth

When the people of Kansas voted on the Lecompton Constitution in January 1858, they also elected a state legislature and other officials. Because the Free State Party did not boycott the vote, their candidates won key positions in the government. A few stubborn proponents of the Topeka Constitution refused to abandon their document, but overallContinue reading “The Four Kansas Constitutions: Leavenworth”