Looking for a fun kitchen gift?  Perhaps someone in your family would love to make their own popcorn.  Here’s a simple way to do it on the stovetop: the Whirley-Pop.

The Whirley-Pop is quick and simple.  Add oil and popcorn kernels to the pot, snap on the lid, and turn the handle to keep the popcorn from burning.  Salt and serve!

This method of making popcorn has two main advantages:

  1. You can cut back on the oil if you are of a mind to.
  2. You can salt the popcorn to absolute perfection.

Plus, there’s just something nostalgic about popping your own corn.

The Whirley-Pop really doesn’t take long to make a batch of popcorn, but be aware that you will have to wash it by hand.

Makes a great gift, but you just might want to try it out yourself!