The gardening season is picking up. Some of you are probably starting to bring in the fruits of your efforts—literally.

Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Vegetables

Ready to try out some new and creative ways to use your fresh vegetables this year? Here’s a Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin that contains some ideas that you might like experiment with: Fast and Easy Ways to Cook Vegetables by Penny Noepel.

Among the recipes that you will be tempted to try are simple stir-fries, salads galore, and other interesting sides that will put your vegetables to good use. However, much of the bulletin is devoted to cooking directions, teaching you how to enjoy your produce without elaborate preparation. After all, simplest is sometimes best, right?

Some of the recipes are faster and easier than others, but this bulletin will get you off to a good start on using your homegrown produce creatively. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to enjoy the natural flavor of vegetables!