Cornell Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets

Looking for a convenient reference to vegetable diseases?  Cornell has created an online resource that you will probably find very useful. Fact sheets and informative articles are organized by plant, making this resource very easy to use.  Just click on the vegetable you are interested in to start learning about diseases: Identification. Control methods. InsectContinue reading “Cornell Vegetable Disease Fact Sheets”

Drought Gardening

Drought is a challenge some Kansas gardeners face frequently.  Even in wet weather, precious water resources must be conserved, because one never knows just when the next dry spell will hit. Before you have to deal with the next drought, be proactive.  Plan ways to make your garden more water-efficient.  Consider reading Drought Gardening byContinue reading “Drought Gardening”

Elk City State Park

Elk City State Park boasts a rather varied early history.  Like much of southeastern Kansas, it was once inhabited by Osage Indians, but this changed after the Civil War.  Many Union veterans had visited Kansas during the war.  Those who were looking for a fresh start in what promised to be a thriving post-war stateContinue reading “Elk City State Park”