Drought Gardening

Drought is a challenge some Kansas gardeners face frequently.  Even in wet weather, precious water resources must be conserved, because one never knows just when the next dry spell will hit.

Before you have to deal with the next drought, be proactive.  Plan ways to make your garden more water-efficient.  Consider reading Drought Gardening by Sue Hakala.

This Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin offers concise suggestions that all gardeners, and especially gardeners in drought-prone areas, will do well to consider.  Topics include:

  • Choosing the best garden site possible.
  • Purchasing water-efficient plants.
  • Adjusting your planting calendar to the climate.
  • Preparing your soil to conserve water.
  • Protecting your water resources with mulch.
  • Watering your garden effectively.
  • Raising plants in containers.

Many great nuggets of information to pick through here.  Take what fits your needs.  Your plants will thank you.