The Cross Centered Life

What is the point of the Christian faith?

Actually, the answer is not a what. It’s a who.

The Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing by C. J. Mahaney is short, but powerful, because its focus is simply the whole point—the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I can hear you asking, “But don’t I need more than that?” In one sense the answer is no. Nothing else is of equal importance. The message of the cross is the Christian’s hope, confidence, and assurance. Heaven will be spent marveling at the work of Christ, the God-Man who suffered in the place of us sinners.

Mahaney challenges us to look at our lives and see if the gospel is really at the center. He then shows how the gospel can set us free from three traps:

  • Legalism.
  • Condemnation.
  • Subjectivism.

Practical advice on giving the gospel the top priority and a look at how the cross relates to other topics found in the Bible round out this little book.

The Cross Centered Life is an excellent reminder of what is really important in the Christian walk—Christ. Great message!