The Breeding Toolbox: Crossbreeding

Crossbreeding is the final tool in the breeding toolbox. The term crossbreeding in its strictest sense refers to mating two purebred animals of different breeds together. This strict use of the word is typically preferred among pet breeders, but in the livestock realm crossbreeding is sometimes used to cover a wide array of breeding systemsContinue reading “The Breeding Toolbox: Crossbreeding”

General’s Pastel Chalk Pencils

When working with pastels, precision can be difficult to achieve.  Fortunately, pastel pencils make it easier. Pastel pencils have several applications, but there are two situations in which they particularly come in handy: Laying out an initial sketch to fill in with soft pastels. Bringing out details to finish a piece of artwork. The advantageContinue reading “General’s Pastel Chalk Pencils”

The Breeding Toolbox: Linecrossing

Linecrossing is the practice of mating animals that are of the same breed, but from different lines (bloodlines are established by the process of linebreeding). Some breeders call this process outcrossing. However, since some producers use outcrossing to refer to crossbreeding, we have chosen the term linecrossing for clarity. Going back to our imaginary horsesContinue reading “The Breeding Toolbox: Linecrossing”

Scott State Park

The area of Scott State Park has a particularly rich heritage. It was once the home of the Apache tribe, but various Pueblo Indians fled to its remote expanses to escape the tyranny of the Spaniards of New Mexico. Later it became the home of French troops contesting the right of Spain to the GreatContinue reading “Scott State Park”