Gibson Luthier's Choice Polish Set

A musical instrument is an investment, but it can be more than that, as well.  As we play our instruments, we grow attached to them and to the memories that are associated with them.

Fortunately, musical instruments require relatively little maintenance to keep them in good shape.  This kit from Gibson makes taking care of your instrument easy.  It includes three items:

  • Polish.
  • Fretboard conditioner.
  • String cleaner/lubricant.

While it is best not to overdo the polish, sometimes a little touching up is good for keeping a guitar looking like new.  An occasional conditioning can also keep your fretboard from drying out.  (Do not apply fretboard conditioner to a finished fretboard.)  Finally, string cleaner is used to remove oil and grime from your fingers and extend the life of your strings.

Instructions for use are printed on the bottles.

This kit should last you for several years.  It’s a great investment.