General's Pastel Chalk Pencils

When working with pastels, precision can be difficult to achieve.  Fortunately, pastel pencils make it easier.

Pastel pencils have several applications, but there are two situations in which they particularly come in handy:

  • Laying out an initial sketch to fill in with soft pastels.
  • Bringing out details to finish a piece of artwork.

The advantage of using a pastel pencil versus a corner or edge of a hard pastel is that the artist has more control.  The point can be sharpened just like any other pencil to create fine lines and tiny dots.

While there are many excellent pastel pencils on the market, the amateur artist will probably appreciate the balance between quality and economy that General’s pencils offer.  We have used many types of General’s pencils over the years and have always been satisfied—they don’t seem to break readily and they consistently produce good results.

This set comes with 12 colors of pencils, making it a useful and affordable introduction to pastel pencils.  A sharpener is included.  Use it exclusively on your pastel pencils to avoid smudging their tips with charcoal dust or smearing pastel colors on your graphite pencils.

Great choice for aspiring pastel artists!