Trees were scarce on the Kansas prairie once. When the young Indian boy took such great pains to shelter the tiny cottonwood from the hooves of the bison, little did he realize what changes the sapling would live through!

Tree in the TrailTree in the Trail, a well-researched fiction title by Holling C. Holling, introduces children to the early history of the Kansas plains in a unique manner—by tracing the life of a cottonwood tree.

This tree sees the Great Plains transformed many times. It lives through the days of the Native American hunters and warriors, the fierce Spanish conquistadors, and even the wandering American mountain men. The death of the tree does not end the story, however. The cottonwood eventually lives on in the form of an ox yoke and takes a trip on the Santa Fe Trail.

The interesting storyline is accompanied by detailed illustrations and interesting facts that expand on the underlying historical events, offering plenty of fodder for further research.

An outstanding children’s book, incorporating both engaging fiction and historical fact. Great choice for introducing the early history of Kansas!