6 Reasons to Preserve Kansas Heritage

Kansas has a unique heritage.  Just about anywhere you go in the state, you can see relics of our fascinating history mingled with modern everyday life.

Have you ever stopped to consider the inestimable value that many of our state’s historic places and handed-down stories can provide?  Here are some of the reasons that we can’t appreciate Kansas heritage too much:

  1. Educational value.  We can learn much about the past from the tales, pictures, and remnants of bygone days.  These are primary sources, often the most reliable and colorful sources of information on the past.  Examining them can bring us to new understandings that we can never glean from history texts.  Furthermore, by learning about our history, we can also learn about the present.  Knowledge of the past sheds light on the chains of events that led up to modern customs and perspectives.
  2. Recreational value.  Touring Kansas and learning about its heritage is a great way for a family to spend time together.  Sharing memories and photos years afterward can provide countless smiles and laughs.
  3. Scenic value.  Many old buildings are simply beautiful.  So are uncluttered landscapes that have remained largely unchanged for centuries.  By preserving these places, we can provide inspiration to photographers, artists, writers, and appreciative sightseers for generations to come.
  4. Economic value.  A unique heritage can be used as a tool to attract interested visitors.  National studies suggest that tourists interested in the local heritage tend to stay longer and spend more money than tourists with other interests.  Furthermore, some old buildings, with proper care, still have years of use left in them.
  5. Nostalgic value.  Many people like to reminisce, and preserving a record of historic places and events can be a way to keep good memories alive.  Those with family connections to an area particularly appreciate this benefit.
  6. Inspirational value.  Kansas has stories to tell.  We can learn much from realizing the struggles that early pioneers faced and observing their faith, courage, and perseverance.