Kansas Department of Agriculture Licensing Guides

Kansas Department of Agriculture Licensing Guides

Agripreneurs have to be careful to keep up with the legal aspects of their businesses.  Fortunately, the Kansas Department of Agriculture has put together a series of licensing guides to help innovative business owners see at a glance what permits and licenses will be necessary.

The PDF downloads cover many types of businesses:

  • Agritourism.
  • Aquaculture.
  • Dairy farming.
  • Feed sales.
  • Greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Home kitchens.
  • Livestock marketing.
  • Pet animals.
  • Poultry farms.
  • And more.

Each guide contains a checklist of departments that may be involved in different aspects of the business and an overview of the requirements of each department.  Links take you to sites and pages where you can find more information on applicable Kansas laws.

These licensing guides will give you a start in making sure that your venture complies with regulations regarding businesses, taxes, commodities, chemicals, water use, building construction, and more.

Handy, at-a-glance resources for navigating a variety of involved topics.

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