3 Steps to a Green Thumb

Yes, you can develop a green thumb!

While some people seem to think that a green thumb is an innate ability, a sort of natural instinct, in many cases a green thumb is actually developed through years of experience. It is only through spending hours in the garden that we can acquire a proficiency in all things plant-related.

Really, developing a green thumb is not that difficult. In fact, we can reduce the process to three steps:

  1. Get outside. Go dig in the dirt. You don’t have to do things perfectly—and you won’t. But if you care for your plants and do your best to provide for their needs, many of them will forgive your mistakes and thrive in spite of your blunders. And you will acquire valuable experience along the way!
  2. Take note. Pay close attention to what is going on in your garden. Keep a sharp eye out for signs of pests, and check ripening produce daily to harvest it at the peak of freshness. Keep a garden journal. Write down your plans and observations, what worked and what didn’t.
  3. Look it up. If you run across an unfamiliar pest or disease, or encounter another problem that you haven’t solved before, start gathering information. Check your favorite Internet resources and gardening books. Making the most of the experience of others is an excellent way to smooth out your own learning curve. Also, take the time to read about both old-fashioned wisdom and new ideas in the gardening realm. There’s nothing like a good book to spark your creativity and keep you motivated throughout the season.
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