K-State Horticulture Newsletter

Gardening in Kansas can be a very unique experience. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find information tailored to our somewhat unpredictable climate and growing conditions.

Fortunately, K-State has filled the gap with a weekly newsletter packed with useful and timely information that gardeners of all stripes will appreciate. Whether you have a kitchen garden, a large orchard, or just a few flowers in pots, you will find a wealth of tips to keep your plants thriving.

Just to give you a very small sampling of previous topics:

  • Conservation trees from the Kansas Forest Service.
  • Bird feeding.
  • Plants recommended for Kansas.
  • Pruning fruit trees.
  • Fertilizing perennial flowers.
  • Managing turf in shade.
  • Organic sources of nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Butterfly gardening.
  • Helps for new vegetable gardeners.
  • Field bindweed control.
  • Rabbits in the garden.
  • Strawberry bed renewal.
  • Harvesting potatoes.
  • Inexpensive method of watering trees.
  • Storing apples.
  • Harvesting and roasting sunflower seeds.
  • Tucking in your lawnmower for the winter.
  • Dormant seeding of turfgrass.
  • Poinsettia care.
  • Firewood.

Not only will you read a diverse array of useful information, but you will learn what you need to know right on time, with a bit of wiggle room for planning. A new issue is archived online every week. You can also subscribe electronically—check the latest issue for instructions.

What a useful resource! A must for every Kansas gardener.