The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb

Gardening on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looks or taste! The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb: 400 Thrifty Tips for Saving Money, Time & Resources In and Around the Garden by Rhonda Massingham Hart will show you how to make the most of your gardening dollars, while still enjoying a beautiful and productiveContinue reading “The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb”

Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse is truly an American breed, reflective of the nation’s changing lifestyle and progress westward. Its earliest ancestors came with the Spanish conquistadors. These horses of various bloodlines were captured by Indians and traded as far as the Atlantic seaboard. The Spanish-derived Indian ponies, particularly those kept by the Chickasaw, were valued forContinue reading “Quarter Horse”

The Exodusters: Part 2

When March 1879 hit, the Exodusters were ready to go. They came from all parts of the South. Mississippi was well represented, as was Texas.  Many Exodusters were from Tennessee, where Benjamin “Pap” Singleton had been particularly active. Others came from Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Their numbers could only be estimated, but the following springContinue reading “The Exodusters: Part 2”