Get Ready for July 2016

Summer can be very busy, but don’t forget to learn and brainstorm.  Spend some time enjoying nature, researching animals, and growing healthy plants. Brush up on your birdwatching vocabulary. Discover how wood type affects the sound of your guitar. Explore the 11 physiographic regions of Kansas. Learn about rare and popular breeds of livestock. ConsiderContinue reading “Get Ready for July 2016”

6 Unique Types of Exotic Poultry

Looking for something a little different than the typical barnyard chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese?  You may be surprised at the usefulness and marketing potential of some of these unusual birds. Guineas Guineas are the watchdogs of the poultry world.  Their loud shrieks and repetitive calls can serve to warn less alert chickens or evenContinue reading “6 Unique Types of Exotic Poultry”

Introducing Our Free Weekly Newsletter

Update: On the Range is now delivered on a monthly basis. Take a look at the current features here. We are about to unveil a new source of information that we think you’ll enjoy—On the Range, our weekly country living newsletter! Every issue will be packed with exclusive subscriber-only resources: Timely tips to keep yourContinue reading “Introducing Our Free Weekly Newsletter”