Iams Dog Breed Selector Tool

A dog should have a place in every country living adventure. If you are looking for the perfect companion, you may enjoy this dog breed selector tool from Iams. There are many dog breed selectors out there, but this version seems to be one of the most accurate and thorough.

Selection criteria include:

  • Size.
  • Appearance.
  • Friendliness.
  • Independence.
  • Training and exercise.
  • Grooming.
  • Housing.

You will be asked to prioritize these criteria, further customizing your results.

Up to nine dog breeds are displayed in the results, more than the typical five or so. The results offer facts about each breed:

  • Details of how close of a match the breed was.
  • A summary of the breed’s temperament.
  • Additional information on size.
  • Activities for which the breed is well suited.
  • A fun fact.

Probably one of the best dog breed selectors on the web. Excellent resource!