6 Great Birdwatching Resources...and a Bonus!

Don’t let that summer heat turn you off of birdwatching. Fall migration season is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Stock your birdwatching bookshelf with good identification tools before you need them. Here are a few that we’ve enjoyed:

  1. Peterson Field Guides to Birds: Every birdwatcher needs a good field guide, and these have stood the test of time. The accurate color plates and concise species descriptions point out exactly what you need to know. The eastern/central guide and the western guide have been combined into a larger book covering all of North America, but we recommend the smaller regional guides for portability and ease of use. Includes a life list. Read our full review.
  2. Online Bird Guide: When you’ve used your Peterson field guide to whittle down your choices, check out this site from Cornell to compare color photos and audio recordings. Also fun just to browse.
  3. Birdwatching Glossary: What is a casual species? A speculum? A passerine? Find the answers fast in our glossary.
  4. All-Weather Birder’s Journal: We can’t say enough about this handy little journal! It’s compact and sturdy, but with plenty of room for notes and sketches. It’s great for recording those memorable finds and as an identification aid. Read our full review.
  5. How to Identify Birds: Find out how to use your journal and field guide to advantage. Our step-by-step explanation of zeroing in on critical field marks can help you become a birdwatching expert.
  6. The Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible: This cheerful little encyclopedia makes attracting passing birds fun and simple. Find out how to tailor your offerings to the tastes of your favorite species, and how to landscape the perfect birdwatching paradise. Highly recommended! Read our full review.
  7. Bonus: Kansas Outdoor Treasures: Those of you who enjoy birding in the Sunflower State will probably find this book to be a real boon. Explore the varied parks, byways, and other wonders of Kansas. This guide will tell you just what to expect as you travel. Read our full review.