2016 Kansas Election Results

2016 Election Results

2016 Election ResultsUnited States President

  • Donald Trump (R): 276 electoral votes
  • Hillary Clinton (D): 218 electoral votes


United States Senate

  • Jerry Moran* (R): 62% of vote
  • Patrick Wiesner (D): 32%
  • Robert Garrard (L): 6%


United States House of Representatives

1st District
  • Roger Marshall (R): 66%
  • Alan LaPolice (I): 26%
  • Kerry Burt (L): 7%


2nd District
  • Lynn Jenkins* (R): 61%
  • Britani Potter (D): 32%
  • James Houston Bales (L): 6%


3rd District
  • Kevin Yoder* (R): 51%
  • Jay Sidie (D): 41%
  • Steve Hohe (L): 8%


4th District
  • Mike Pomepo* (R): 61%
  • Daniel Giroux (D): 29%
  • Miranda Allen (I): 7%
  • Gordon Bakken (L): 3%


Kansas Supreme Court

  • Carol Beier: 56% for retention
  • Daniel Biles: 55% for retention
  • Marla Luckert: 56% for retention
  • Lawton Nuss: 55% for retention
  • Caleb Stegall: 71% for retention

Note that Stegall’s retention is the only one officially decided at the time of this writing.


Kansas Ballot Measure

  • Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment (Amendment 1): Approved by 81% of voters
    This constitutional amendment is to establish the right to hunt, fish, and trap wildlife in Kansas.


Italics: Declared winner

* Incumbent

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