Ox Yokes and Collars: Withers Yokes and Ox Collars

Withers Yoke The withers yoke is only used with humped zebu-type cattle, such as Brahmans. The yoke is a wooden pole resting on the hump of the animal and is held in place by a rope or leather strap around the neck. Note that the rope does not take any of the weight of the…

Getting Ready for February 2017?

Looking for seasonal reminders and fun things to do this February? We have moved our monthly Get Ready updates to On the Range, our free weekly country living newsletter. Subscribing is easy! Just follow this link and enter your email address. You can start receiving your weekly newsletter as early as tomorrow! Other features you…

American Wigeon

The male American wigeon is fairly distinctive, but the wary female can present an identification challenge.

Ox Yokes and Collars: Neck Yokes and Head Yokes

When most of us think of an ox yoke, we tend to envision the long, gracefully bowed piece of wood resting on the necks of a pair of oxen. This traditional neck or bow yoke certainly has had an important place in American history, but it is not the only option for aspiring teamsters today….

Web Soil Survey

Knowing your soils is a good idea, no matter where you live or what type of country living activity you pursue. The USDA’s National Resources Conservation Service makes that job easy. The Web Soil Survey site takes a little bit of getting used to, but it provides a wealth of information. Once you have selected…

Eurasian Wigeon

Although not common in the United States, the Eurasian wigeon has been seen in several Kansas counties.

Introducing Cowboy Poetry

The early cowboys seem to have been artists at heart.  Every aspect of their daily lives seems to have made it into verse, from their love of nature to their battles with wild horses to their prosaic bacon-and-beans diet. Many of the first cowboy poems were song lyrics.  Thus, this poetic style shares the same…

2017 Reading Challenge: The Chisholm Trail

Taking on a reading challenge is a fun way to broaden your reading selection and therefore your knowledge base. Homestead on the Range is happy to announce our first annual reading challenge. We would like to challenge to you commit to finishing 12 books before the end of the year (about one a month). The…


Identifying the quiet, nondescript gadwall requires a close attention to field marks.